Virtual Real Gay – Quality Gay VR Experiences

tough-guys-thumb3It’s hard to find a well-balanced selection of gay VR at the best of times, but Virtual Real Gay has pretty much all we could ask for.

Surprisingly, they actually have a very large archive in comparison to other VR sites, with nearly four pages worth, and experiences ranging from a straight one-on-one encounter in the bedroom to some serious three way spectator fucking.

As part of the Virtual Real Network, Virtual Real Gay also have a pretty reasonable price as well at 29,95 € for three months, and only 5,95 € for a fifteen day trial (although beware of the recurring charge on this one). The one thing we would have liked to see is a bigger range of vision, since they only offer 180 degrees.

Still, with HD quality, head tracking, and binaural sound, as well as compatibility with downloads for all of their videos on Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and Smartphone, it’s one of the better deals we’ve found.

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